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“You guys didn’t give up and you knew when we needed to give up on certain movements. You had a long list of things we tried to help my situation and the ideas kept coming as well as the emotional/psychological support that helped me nearly just as much! I really needed that support.”

“The diagnostics were excellent. I was very impressed, especially after going through the x-rays and MRI’s that didn’t lead to any real explanations or alternative treatments. The prescribed treatments were very well explained and demonstrated and I began to experience improvements within a week. I don’t think I could have had better care.”

“My experience was great! They were extremely responsive to whatever problem I was having with my back/leg on a given day and her explanations were extremely clear. They were very thorough and focused and were able to easily get to the root of the problem.”

“I felt that my therapist was very knowledgeable about my symptoms, gave me excellent exercises to do at home and really educated me about what I needed to do to keep my back ‘safe’ in my busy lifestyle.”

“You took care of my problem that I had been dealing with for 9 months. My therapist is awesome. She explains things very well, better than a doctor would have explained it to me. She took her time and listened to me. I am so glad I went to her. She knew the therapy to show me that targeted parts of my shoulder that needed work to be done. I feel so much better, I owe it all to her. I would definitely use your services again in the future, if needed for anything.”

“You gave me the best explanation I got about my condition. No one bothered to really explain anything until I started PT. Thanks! I also appreciated the promptness. I knew I wouldn’t be left waiting a long time in the waiting room. If I had an appointment, I’d only have to wait a few minutes to be seen.”

“The care was excellent. Within two weeks, I had 100% improvement of my neck pain. The exercises were clearly explained and critiqued. My therapist was so encouraging and helpful in improving my work environment. I know what happened and I know how to prevent future injury. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

“Patience and the understanding of your condition is key to the healing process. The staff at PTS Rochester has that knowledge and willing provides patients with the education to help themselves. Therapist provides information in a comprehensive format that patients can relate to daily activities. Staff provides exceptional service, support, and sincerely cares about your well-being.”

“Professionalism was evident from the moment I entered the door each time I visited Physical Therapy Services of Rochester. The courteous and warm greeting, the prompt and efficient service the comforting and sage advice of my therapist…all contributed to the healing of my conditions.”

“The physical therapist reviewed prior records and also was very thorough in examining and asking specific questions concerning the problems. The physical therapist was always the same individual and worked with the individual the entire visit. The physical therapist was very knowledgeable and explained why a particular exercise was used. If something did not work, something else was tried. There was always a follow-up each visit as to what had been or not been accomplished. Questions from client were always answered willingly.”

“What impressed me the most about Physical Therapy Services, is their total commitment the the patient’s rehabilitation. The therapists are incredibly knowledgeable from a technical perspective, yet treated me as a person. I left my sessions feeling empowered with the exercises to bring about my own recovery. The office staff was always extremely helpful and flexible with scheduling issues I had. PTS rates ten out of ten!”

-Mike V.

“My experience here has been very helpful, positive and pleasant. There is good dialogue, the atmosphere is hopeful, and I am appreciative!”

-Jean S.

“Without her (the therapist’s) help, I would still be anguishing in the pain of a herniated disc. I cannot thank her enough!”

-Phil F.

“Excellent, efficient, and compassionate treatment! The staff made this healing experience as positive as possible.”


“For thirty years my back would periodically ‘pop out’ and an osteopath would crank it back in shape only to have it ‘pop out’ again when I sat in the car. Cathy taught me an exercise that I use whenever I feel my back is not right, and I haven’t had it ‘pop out’ since. It’s been eight years! I’m an active 70+, and hiking, biking, canoe camping and cross country skiing have created many stresses on my body that the staff have taught me to fix. That is invaluable to me.”


“Jenni Tuller has been my physical therapist since I injured my back last May. I don’t know what I would have done had it not been for her expert advice and guidance. I’ve had to call her for assistance or come in for treatment only a few times since my injury, and each time I was taken care of 100%. I know if I didn’t have professional PT services available to me when I needed them, I would have ended up back in the hospital.

Thank you for continuing to send me your newsletter. I find it very helpful. Most likely, I will continue to refer to Jenni, or whoever is available if an incident occurs. I’ve learned that treatment for my back injury is a life long commitment and have developed a regimen that keeps me up to par. You have taught me well!”

With much, much gratitude,


“I got exactly what I had bargained for: learning to treat myself so that my life is of a better quality. I always felt comfortable, I always felt that anything I asked (and I asked A LOT of things, were explained fully, which helped me learn how to do each exercise to derive the most benefit.”

“My therapist was very knowledgeable and thorough. A clear explanation of prepared exercises that I needed to do, was always given. I never felt rushed, my therapist always took time for any questions or concerns I may have had; and was very friendly and personable. All of the office staff was very friendly, helpful and quite accommodating.”

“I was given explanations of what was probably causing my problems and shown appropriate exercises to correct the situation. I appreciate the hands-on treatment, which gave me some relief right away.”

“A good educator and has a great balance between sticking with holding me accountable to doing what I need to do in order to get better while not judging me for not being as prepared as I could have been for my appointments.”

“Time was taken to clearly explain my situation, and to help me understand what I need to do to hopefully avoid surgery for my condition now and in the future. I never felt rushed which is so often the case with medical professionals. Cathy Hill came highly recommended to me, and now I know why…. “

“My therapist was just wonderful! She was thorough, and patient, and always encouraging. She taught me life long skills to manage my back problems. I am very grateful for the care she gave me.”

“I had an very positive experience overall. When you take into account past negative experiences I have had with other PT programs you will understand that what I have said is a statement of HIGH PRAISE!”

“Explained core issues of the problems/sources of pain with specifics and supplied reading materials. Worked through new symptoms as they surfaced with corrective action. Encouraged questions and self-treatment. Overall, learning the treatment options for the various symptoms was the most valuable.”

“Took the time to get to know me as a person which made a huge difference in the treatment and our discussions. I had a sense that she was listening ‘between the lines’ to make sure her recommendations reflected my needs, lifestyle, etc. It felt like a collaboration in which I was an active partner. This is quite an unusual experience in medical centers these days!”

“You investigated thoroughly, came to the root of the problem, and gave me the tools that enabled me to continue improving on my own.”

“Well organized with which sets of exercises I should start with and added more and deleted others to bring my mobility back to normal in a very short period. I am very pleased with your expertise and the results. Thank you.”