Jaw Pain

Jaw pain – referred to as TMD/ TMJ/ Orofacial pain

Treatment of TMD with physical therapy is an effective method to manage pain and functional loss.

Symptoms of TMD can vary, but may include jaw pain, neck pain, facial pain, clicking/popping of the jaw, limited mouth motion, ear aches, ringing in the ears or headaches. Pain will typically correspond with reduced functional use of the jaw for chewing, yawning or talking.

Our Physical Therapists have extensive training in treating joint and soft tissue disorders using the McKenzie mechanical diagnosis and therapy method that has been standardized and validated with decades of research. Evaluation allows our therapist to determine whether the source of pain is stemming from the spine or the jaw. This less invasive approach seeks to determine corrective exercises that can be performed by the patient to improve jaw function and pain.

Physical Therapy treatments will vary based on the patient’s unique presentation. Often we work closely with your doctor or dentist( or orthodontic specialist) if medications, splints or dental work are required. Our treatment may include but is not limited to stretching/self mobilization exercises, strengthening for the jaw muscles, education on modality use, postural training (day time and sleep) and self relaxation techniques. Within several visits, we establish a plan the patient can easily follow at home. The objective is independence with exercise and self management techniques.